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Arapaima Feeding Demonstration

The Arapaima feeding demonstration is located at the middle of our gigantic Fresh Water Pond, where the Arapaima and more than 15 other species of freshwater tropical fishes habitats. See face to face with the Giants in the ponds & experience nature.

Visitors can also take a rest here in the gondola like stage after while watching the fishes feed. With the Arapaima swimming around in the pond & water lilies floating around, it might just bring you some relaxation through the natural zen.

Did You Know?

The Arapaima, South America giant is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Some reach lengths of more than 10 feet (3 meters) and weigh upward of 400 pounds (180 kilograms) !

Did You Know?

Crocodiles are known to be large and normally stay on land and water, but certain species are able to propel itself out of water as high as their own body length.

Crocodile Feeding Demonstration

Feeding Time: 11.00 Am & 3.00 PM Daily

Experience feeding live crocodiles at our daily feeding demonstrations located at one of our many saltwater crocodile ponds! Watch, with your own eyes, majestic crocodiles leaping several feet into the air from the swamp! Get up close and personal to feel the gush of wind coming from their massive bites and the splashes from their giant leaps. But don't worry, we assure you that it's completely safe.

Kindly refer to our staff to find out which Ponds we will be feeding next & don't miss it!


Crocodile Museum

One and only known Crocodile Museum in Malaysia. You will come across the museum as you enter from the entrance. The Museum accrued not only the Skull of the legendary Bujang Senang, but have records of most of the historic men-eater crocodiles in the region.

Visitors will also get to see gallery of historical photos, close-up on crocodile's eggs, crocodile skeleton replica and also it's nest.