Crocodiles Export

We export crocodiles to anywhere in the world. Our previous importers were from Japan, Bangladesh, China, Iran and others. Our export procedure are safe and we can assure that all crocodiles are carefully treated and housed before loading in as cargo so they will arrive at destination in a healthy condition.

Below are the two main species that are available for export.

Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus)

The saltwater crocodiles are found mainly in blackish water or around river estuaries and mangrove swamps, but it can appear up stream of rivers or freshwater swamps. They are dangerous to man and livestock and are more active than freshwater crocodiles.

Freshwater Malayan Gharial (Tomistoma)

The Freshwater Malayan, commonly known as Tomistoma, is a rare species of freshwater crocodiles, found mainly inhabiting in island swamps and river systems, they are not as dangerous as the Saltwater Crocodiles, but will attack if provoked. But normally, Tomistoma feeds on fishes & very small vertebrates, such as lizards or animals.


Shipment to Cox’s Bazar Wildlife Farm


Qeshm Island Crocodile Farm


Shenzhen Safari World


Wuhan Snake Garden. Crocodiles going through winter in heated environment facility


Zhuhai Reptiles Island


Hainan Crocodiles World

Crocodile Export & Import

With more than 50 years of experience in crocodile export, we can assure you safe delivery.